Evolve Skills Clinics

Special Events

MLK Day Clinics

Evolve Technique Clinics will be limited to 6 players per group.  These clinics will be focusing on technique related to game skills.  The Evolve Coach will insure each player is correctly demonstrating the technique needed to perform the skill being worked on.  By limiting the players to 6 per group, the coach can insure personal attention to each player.

Evolve Mites Basic Skills Clinic – 9:00 am

Evolve Technique Clinic – 1:00 pm

Evolve Technique Clinic – 2:00 pm

Skills Clinics

We will offer not only general skill clinics, but more importantly, skill specific clinics designed to address specific components of a player’s development.  Examples include:  Body Contact, Zone Entry, Defense and forward only clinics, Shooting and scoring, and many more.  Clinics will be offered at a variety of times and days designed to fit your busy schedule.