Goaltenders can schedule one-on-one half hour lessons with an Evolve Goaltending coach.  These lessons can focus on specific movements the goaltender would like to work on, or the Evolve Goaltending coach can gear the lesson to what they believe the athlete needs to work on.  In the scenario that more than one lesson is purchased, an Evolve Goaltending coach would come up with a tentative plan as to what each lesson will focus on, progressively getting more intricate and involved.  Goaltenders also have the option to purchase semi-private lessons with up to a total of 3 goalies. Lastly, goaltenders have the option to purchase lessons with an added video analysis session. In this case, multiple drills would be filmed throughout the lesson by the goaltending coach.  Once the lesson is then over, the coach and goaltender would review the content recorded off the ice. The coach would provide the goaltender with an analysis of the movements carried out during the lesson along with a list of notes as to what needs to be improved upon.


Coaches and teams have the ability to hire an Evolve Goaltending coach to come work with the goalies at team practices.  In this situation, an Evolve coach would work with the goaltenders at the practice for as much time as the head coach desires.  Once the team is ready to participate in full ice drills, the Evolve coach will then be able to evaluate goaltenders as they carry out these drills and give feedback when appropriate.  In the event that the practice is shared with another team, the Evolve Goaltending coach will request a second net and work with the goaltender that is not currently in the drill. The coach would do so in the neutral zone so that it does not interfere with the team drill.  Dates and times of practices that teams would like an Evolve Coach at should be determined at least two weeks prior to the practice.


Goaltenders will be able to meet individually with a qualified Evolve Coach in order to get the consulting needs he or she desires.  Popular topics of discussion for consulting include, but are not limited to, off-season plans, in-season plans, pregame preparation, nutrition evaluation of the goaltender, and career development.  Evolve Goaltending also offers consulting for the evaluation of a specific game. If a goaltender chooses to purchase this service, he or she will pick a game with an Evolve Coach. The coach will then attend the game while evaluating the goaltenders play and take notes while doing so.  After the game, the goaltender and coach will then meet one-on-one to review the game.

Game Video Analysis

Goaltenders will have two different options if they wish to carry out a video analysis session with an Evolve Goaltending coach.  The first option is for a goaltender to send in his or her game footage and set up a meeting to sit with a coach while the film is broken down and discussed one on one.  The second option for goaltenders is to send in game footage to an Evolve Coach and receive the film back after the coach has broken it down. The film you receive back after the coach has analyzed it will include, notes on the game, voice over recording during play, and drawings during game play with the use of a specific program for athletes.  


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