The Evolve Elite Player Development Program takes a much more detailed and systematic approach to working with individual players. The Program helps families to determine their goals, and by using the TEMT Model we can custom design a program to address the needs of that player and accomplish the goals the parents and the player have for their hockey season and beyond.


How the Program Works

Parents go to the registration link and fill out an application and pay a deposit. 

We will send a welcome email with pre program instructions as there are a few things the player will need to have when the program begins.

The initial 8 week program will include Off Ice, On Form Video, Power Player, Team Genius, and a series of weekly videos.  Along with that will be weekly Q and A calls and 3 zoom call personal calls with me.

Evolve Player Development Program Components

Step One
Registration 20%


Once you click on the registration button, you will be asked to select the age group for your player.  We have grouped the program by Mite / Squirt / Pee Wee / Bantam / and Midget age levels.

Questionnaire – You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire which will give us more detail regarding your players hockey experience and what goals both you and your player have for their hockey future.

Step Two
Set Up Accounts 40%

Set up Accounts

We use a couple different websites to track each players progress in our program.  

Power Player is designed to track combine test scores on each player and compare to other players their age.  Coaching Notes, Videos, and Private Text Messaging is done through On Form Player Tracking Software.  Each player will have their own account and can refer to it at any time.  Their Off Ice Workouts will be done through Team Genius.  And lastly, Player Tracking and Virtual Locker Room will be done through I Sport 360.  This may seem like a lot, but they are very easy to use and work well together.  We will get you signed up for each and you will get the links once registration is completed.

Step Three
Testing Combine 60%

Testing Combine

We will email you the On Ice and Off Ice Testing Criteria which consists of 8 timed tests.  These tests have been used by Hockey Canada, USA Hockey, and numerous professional groups to give an indication of a player’s skill level relative to their peers.  More detail regarding these tests will be emailed to you.

Step Four
Initial Consultation 80%

Initial Consultation

After registration, combine, and web site links have been completed, you will meet virtually with an Evolve staff to review the 8 week Introductory Program.  This program will include our evaluation  process and how we use the TEMT Model to keep the player on the path they need to be on.  

Step Five
Program Implementation 90%

Evolve Staff Player Tracking

We will have an Evolve staff monitor your player on a regular basis using the tools we have set up with you during the 8 week program.  We will have weekly Q and A calls which will be live and recorded.  Families can speak with us live during the call or submit questions which we will answer during the call.  The call is recorded so it can be listened to later if a family misses it.  Each family will have 3 private zoom calls with Coach Glenn during their 8 week initial program.  

Step Six
Follow Up Consultation 100%

Follow Up consultation

After the initial 8 week Introductory Program, we will schedule a follow up consultation with an Evolve staff every 6 to 8 weeks to review your players progress and make any changes to the program.  This ensures that your player’s training plan will always fit what they need at that time.  As a part of the consultation, the player will schedule another testing combine and the results compared to past results.

As the player gets older, these consultations will also be a time where families can discuss future teams and higher-level opportunities that may be available in the future.

Elite Membership

Evolve Player Development Program​ Membership

  • $500 Deposit
  • $1,0000 Month One
  • $1,000 Month Two
  • After year one, Additional years are $495/year