Candy Cups

Evolve Candy Cups

Evolve Candy Cups are open to all Pre-Mites and Mites ONLY.

They Candy Cup is a time for kids to enjoy the game of hockey with their friends in a pond hockey format. Each team will be playing for a chance to hoist the famous Candy Cup!

Teams will be pre-set by Evolve staff and posted the day of the event.

*Please bring a light and dark jersey.

COST: $30.00 per player

FORMAT: 4 Teams of 8 Players, 3 Game Minimal, 1 Playoff Game, 1 Championship Game

There will be a waitlist once all spots are filled.  We will notify you if spots become available.

The Gobbler Cup

When: Friday November 25, 2022 From 8:00AM – 12:00PM

The Candy Cane Cup

When: Saturday December 24, 2022 From 8:00AM – 12:00PM