Evolve Summer Sports Camp!

The Evolve Sports Summer Camp at Village Sports in Fairport is a safe, friendly, clean, and organized camp, which provides girls and boys, ages 5-12 years old with the ultimate sports experience! This camp will provide our athletes with fun games on the turf and ice rink surface as well as our outdoor area. We have a variety of activities planned for all kids that are looking to be active.
We promise to send your kids home with a ton of stories and great memories!
We will be offering Pizza only for lunch this year and has to be purchased during signup.
$40 per day
$199 per week

Additional Cost if Selected:
$7 per day for Pizza Lunch
$8 per day for extended care (8am-6pm)

Kelly's Hockey Camp

Coach Kelly will be running a hockey camp for all mite and squirt players. This camp is designed to provide opportunities for players who are looking to improve on skating, skills, and overall hockey sense. The players will receive 1 hour of power skating, and 1.5 hours of skills and small area games each day. We will also be doing 1 hour of agility/speed training that will enhance their on ice performance. Other off ice activities include character discussions, and multisport activities. Join us this summer for the best hockey camp in town!! 

Typical Day: (Hockey)
9-10 Power Skating
10-10:30 Snack
10:30-11:30 Speed/Agility Training
11:30-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1 Character Building/Cross Training (multi-sport)
1:30-3pm Skating, Skills, Small Area Games

Pre-Season Training Camps for Mite / Squirt / Pee Wee Players

Squirts – Either Week of August 9th or the week of August 15th

Pee Wee – Either Week of August 9th or the week of August 15th

Mites – Week of August 23rd

New for this season, Evolve has created a new Pre Season Camp to not only prepare players for the upcoming season, but to provide a complete training package for each player who attends the camp.

The Training Package will consist of the following:

  • On and Off Ice Testing – Using Power Player Software and electronic timing gates we will test each player to standard tests used by USA Hockey and Hockey Canada to evaluate each players physical skills.  We will provide written feedback for each player with recommendations on areas the player should focus their development efforts on.
  • Game Sense Evaluation – It doesn’t matter what a players skill sets are if they are not in position in a game to utilize them.  We will review Game Sense Skills relative to each players age and skill level to insure they understand their options and how to insure they make the most of their shifts in each game.
  • Skills Room Instruction – We will utilize the skills room to show players how they can use slide boards, bungies, and off ice stick handling and shooting progressions to make big differences in their on ice game play.
  • Wooden Pyramid of Success – We will cover all blocks of the Pyramid to help instill good Character choices and help reinforce each players leadership skills.  Since Character is the most important component of being a good player, we will incorporate the blocks in all aspects of the camp.
  • Player Feedback Report – We will provide parents with a Player Feedback Report on their player.  This report will review both strengths and areas for improvement as well as our suggestions as to clinics and off ice drills they can use to improve their skills on their own.