Traditional player development consists of a player attending a misc variety of clinics, team practices, camps, along with some off ice shooting or rollerblading. Good that they are on the ice or doing something, but without a system of development that is measurable and specific to each player, there really is not much development happening.

The Evolve Basic Player Development Program give you tools and training to meet the players goals and accomplishments.

Evolve Player Development Program Components

Step One
Registration 25%


Select your age level – Once you click on the registration button, you will be asked to select the age group for your player.  We have grouped the program by Mite / Squirt / Pee Wee / Bantam / and Midget age levels.

Questionnaire – You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire which will give us more detail regarding your players hockey experience and what goals both you and your player have for their hockey future.

Step Two
Set up Power Player Account 50%

Power Player is designed to track combine test scores on each player and compare to other players their age.  Each player will have their own account and can refer to it at any time.

Step Three
Testing Combine 75%

Testing Combine

You will schedule your player for a Testing Combine which consists of 8 on ice timed tests.  These tests have been used by Hockey Canada, USA Hockey, and numerous professional groups to give an indication of a player’s skill level relative to their peers.

Step Four
Program Implementation 100%


We will offer not only general skill clinics, but more importantly, skill specific clinics designed to address specific components of a player’s development.  Examples include:  Body Contact, Zone Entry, Defense and forward only clinics, Shooting and scoring, and many more.  Clinics will be offered at a variety of times and days designed to fit your busy schedule.

Off Ice Training center

We will be opening our new Off Ice Training Center September 10.  This training center will allow players to work on all their hockey skills without being on the ice.  Shooting, Slide Boards, Plyo Boards, Stickhandling area, and much more.  This Center will be a game changer for players in this program.

Extra Training Ice

Players in the program will be given extra training ice each week to use at their discretion.  There will not be a coach on the ice, but rather is a time for the player to work on their skills on their own.  Much of player development is related to ice time.  We want to be sure players have what they need to maximize their skill development.

Basic Membership

Evolve Player Development Program​ Membership

  • Clinics ($10 off)
  • Development Center
  • Testing
  • Player Tracking Tools