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Skills Clinics

50 Mins packed with skills, skating, and hockey sense. 

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered weekly by our coaching staff. Please click the links below to see each coach’s upcoming availability and to register for a one hour private session.

Speed and Skating Clinic 

Our Speed and Skating programs are designed to push each individual to train beyond his or her comfort zone. We use innovative techniques to help you skate smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

Stickhandling and Skills 

Players will be exposed to high repetitions emphasizing key teaching points as well as methods on how to best implement each skill into your game. Developing these skills will be key to becoming a well rounded player.

Shooting and Scoring

As the game Evolves so do the techniques of shooting and the ways a player can score. This innovative curriculum focuses on both the technical side of shooting the puck as well as the art of being a GOAL SCORER in today’s game.


Evolve Hockey offers Goaltenders specialized training from our Goalie coaches through a combination of private, semi-private, practices, and game video analysis. 


All Evolve Hockey clinics and camps are coed and girls are encouraged to participate. We group girls and boys by similar skill and size to ensure a safe and fun environment for training. Girls only clinics and camps will be offered during the season by Kelly Collins and her staff who specialize in the needs of developing female athletes. Check back here for a list of upcoming girls only events.

Girls Learn to Play Hockey (10+)

Our Girls Learn to Play Hockey program is open to all girls between the age of 10-18. Kelly Collins and her staff will provide instruction on the fundamentals of skating, stickhandling, shooting, and game play. Girls will get to enjoy learning the game in a fun and comfortable girls only environment. 

Combine Testing

Want to see your progress? Want a roadmap to your next level? Join us at least once a month for an Evolve / PowerPlayer Combine. Our coaches will run you through PowerPlayer’s suite of on and off ice metrics, and provide private assessment and instruction that will help you understand where you are, and what you need to focus on to get where you want to be.

Strength and Explosiveness

In todays game being strong and explosive is the key to be able to compete. In this unique curriculum of both on and off ice classes we focus on just that, making you faster and more explosive than your competition.

Team Training

We will work with the coaches of your team to create a specific training program that will help the team improve its performance and ultimate success. Whether you are looking for core skill development or situational coaching, we are here to help you through any opportunities for team growth. Please contact us directly to find out more information about team training and rates.